The David Archuleta Music Scholarship

The David Archuleta
Music Scholarship

When asked in a press conference in the Philippines about having time to continue his education, Davidís response was: "Education . . . is something that is important to give your full attention to . . . I think it is very important . . . Education is something you can take with you. You canít take other things . . . education always is very valuable as you go on in your life."

Press Conference Ė Manila, Philippines Ė January 13, 2012

The David Archuleta Music Scholarship: Mission Statement

Our Mission: To provide musically inclined, outstandingly dedicated high school students with the funds to strive for musical achievements in an instructional establishment of higher education.

The cornerstones of The David Archuleta Music Scholarship reflect David's lifestyle, work ethic and values:

  • Dedication: those who can, do. Those who are dedicated can do more than they ever imagined, reach out to others, and change lives.
  • David Archuleta
  • Aptitude: talent is not born – it is created, practiced, and mastered, but never perfected, for there is always more to learn in the art of music.
  • Perseverance: the drive and the enthusiasm to keep pressing on despite circumstances does not just build character – it reveals character.
  • Music: the passion for music awakens and never dies – it comes from the outermost corners of the heart and fills the soul.
Each year a scholarship will be awarded to a senior student(s) from David Archuleta's home town high school — Murray High School in Murray, Utah.

David Archuleta's tweets his thanks regarding the Music Scholarship for Murray High School

Make a Heartfelt Donation

We encourage fans of David Archuleta and those who support the growth of music and musicians to make a heartfelt donation to the scholarship fund. The David Archuleta Music Scholarship is administered through Murray High School.

Do you have a question? E-mail us at or e-mail Amy Knox at Murray High School.

Good luck to all David Archuleta Music Scholarship applicants and thank you to those who make donations to continue this worthy cause.

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