The David Archuleta Music Scholarship

The David Archuleta
Music Scholarship

About The David Archuleta Music Scholarship

“Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and cannot remain silent.”

— Victor Hugo

When a then-17-year-old David Archuleta returned home to Murray, Utah, he was not returning home from the average vacation. He was returning from his journey on American Idol for a Top Three homecoming. Overwhelmed and bursting with pride, David enthusiastically waved from a convertible that was making its way around a track to the adoring crowds – his peers, his neighbors, his friends, and his fans. With arms stretched out as wide as his radiant smile, he declared: “This is my high school!”
David Archuleta and mother Lupe at Murray High School
Murray High School supported David every step of the way in his very public rise to recognition with mass viewings of the show, nonstop voting, and subsequent to the show, unwavering love for him and unshakeable faith in him. Davidís strong musical background from his youth peaked in his high school years, years spent at Murray High School as a member of the music program, specifically an a capella choir.

Murray High School logo When David began to travel the world to continue his budding singing career, he never forgot where he came from: Murray High School. All of his friends, all of his supporters, all of the people he spent years with — they all went to, or still attended, Murray High after his time spent there. David's enthusiastic supporters have a passion not only for his music, but for his character. David stands for family, faith, service, friendship, and love, and with every fiber of his being, he wants to give back to the community.

For everything that David has shown his supporters, his supporters wanted to return the favor by providing a way to help out his hometown of Murray, Utah and Murray High School. The David Archuleta Music Scholarship was created in February of 2010 to provide musically inclined, outstandingly dedicated Murray High School students with the funds to strive for musical achievements in an instructional establishment of higher education.